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  •  Do I need a will? If you have no property, no stocks, bonds or other securities, and no concerns about what happens to your property upon your death, the answer is probably no.  People who own real estate, who have accumulated savings and investments over the years, who want to ensure that  those assets are passed on to their designated beneficiaries need a will.


  • How much does a will cost? Costs depend on the complexity of the will. A simple will with usually cost $300 - $500. This fee usually includes a Power of Attorney and Healthcare Directive.


  • I don’t have a lot of assets. Do I really need a will? Yes. Even the smallest things need to be considered such as cars, homes and bank accounts. A Will appoints an executor to handle your property and affairs after your death.


  • What happens if I die without a will? Any assets or property you may have will go to your heirs under the laws of Intestate Succession. Heirs include your spouse, children, siblings and parents. To ensure the assets you may have are passed along according to your wishes, it is important to have a will in place.


  • My parent or loved one is aging or ill. Is it too late to create a will? No. As long as he or she is competent and able to communicate their wishes a will can be created to ensure the proper distribution of their assets.


  • Can a will help protect my money from taxes? Yes. Especially if you estate exceeds 5 million dollars. In this case there are ways to minimize your estate taxes.


  • How will hiring an attorney increase the likelihood of a favorable outcome? An attorney will help make sure your wishes and goals are protected and properly executed upon your death. 

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